If you think Le Mobile is just a remote truck, Think again\

Le Mobile has been recognized as one of the heavyweights in the mobile recording industry for more than
40 years. Recording, Mixing whether it's music for CD, DVD 5.1 surround, motion picture soundtracks,
Webcast or television specials. We are offering more than simply audio recording for your project.

Making it right is the most economical way to record your project as opposed to fixing it later. We make sure
your recording is of the highest technical quality. You can rest assured our experienced crew can handle
even the most unexpected occurrences under extreme time pressures.

That’s when our unparalleled expertise makes a critical difference.

Dual ProTools with Apogee converter, 100 inputs of Neve, Grace and Millennia preamp.

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Le Mobile Ultimate ProTools Fly-Pak system

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Le Fly-Pak from Le Mobile with 64 Tracks of ProTools HD is not just some equipment installed and hook up together in road cases but a properly designed well thought out system. Optional YAMAHA DM2000 and ProTools HD10 hook with Madi interface to the main rack.
All racks interconnect with multi-connector for easy and efficient setup.
Le Mobile Fly-Pak compete with many new audio remote trucks for quality and flexibilty.

Le Box
Le Box from Le Mobile is a compact and highly affordable solution for premium quality multi-track recording of digital recording on the Nuendo system or with ProTools 9

It’s perfect for concert tours or for any other application where audio quality absolutely cannot be compromised where costs and transport logistics are also serious issues

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At Le Mobile sound quality is always the first priority. We're sure you'll like the sound
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